Future Focussed

Passionate about the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, we are currently expanding our offering and will soon add AR (augmented reality) to the services we provide. Additionally we aim to establish in parallel a design-and-build division for niche-application specialist vehicles with nine concepts already in consideration.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a way to add computer-generated images and information superimposed on a smartphone’s or tablet’s view of the real world seen through its camera.
Tech Perspectives now has a simple AR demonstration app available – TPL AR-Viewer – which we are currently developing and expanding. The first version (Android only at this stage) is available to download and try out by pointing the camera of your smartphone or tablet at any of the four images below – this can be on a screen or printed out on paper, and a PDF is available to download and print.

The app is currently only available for Android in Google’s Play store – an iOS version should also be available soon.


Instructions for using the TPL AR-Viewer app

Note – for your own safety and that of anyone else around you, be fully aware of your real-world surroundings at all times when using this and any other augmented reality app.

  1. Download and install app. If required, please allow permission for the app to use the camera.
  2. After opening the app, the camera will start displaying the real world that’s in front of your device.
  3. Point the camera towards one of the images – either on a computer screen or printed on paper. A 3D model should then appear on your device’s screen, e.g. of the gears rotating.
  4. Move the camera around to view the 3D model from different angles.
  5. To exit the app, click the Quit button.

Example images for TPL AR-Viewer

This app is a beta version.
Current issues with the positions of the
3D models are being resolved.